About ITG

The Indian Territory Gallery is dedicated to ensuring that you only let the highest quality work be done to your home, we know how important longevity is to a lot of people. The contractor that you hire to do your work can be as important as the very work you have done, you should be as selective and picky as possible when it comes to something as big and expensive as a contracting project. It’s easy to just keep spending more and more money to fix the same issue and over over, we think. it’s a lot smarter to just pay once and get quality work done!

Plan before you start anything! We know how stressful it can be to be stuck in the middle of a home upgrade project either waiting for a contractor to follow through on their end or waiting for yourself to finish your part! A project should be something enjoyable though, you should take pride in getting your work done!

We also try to help by making the buying/selling experience as painless as possible. On one side you are probably paying out more money than you ever will for anything else in your entire life, that’s a pretty stressful thought. On the other side, you’re selling the place you’ve probably lived for years, that’s a hard to thing to separate with.

Moving can come with its own set of problems, you probably have a lot of stuff you wouldn’t mind getting rid of, in addition to a plethora of things you want to take with you. Being able to divide up the two and get them packed/thrown away is important if you have a tight timeline, you can get behind very easily. It may not be a bad idea to not only have someone move the things you want to keep from your old house to your new house, but to remove the things you don’t want so you no longer have to worry about it.

Make sure you always make informed decisions. A lot of people have the incorrect idea in their heads that to sell their house they really have to make it attractive and spice it up, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on improvements. Unless you have something that you really NEED to renovate/replace, a series of smaller and inexpensive upgrades can go a long way towards improving the look, feel, and cost of your home!

Home improvement has a potential like no other to increase or decrease your home’s value and curb appeal. A good contractor can make your home’s value go off the charts and give it the curb appeal of a place like the white house if they’re skilled enough and take the time and care to do the job right. On the other hand, a bad contractor or single job can tank your home’s value and just make it truly un-attractive to look at.

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