Keeping Your House Healthy

Remember when you could shut out all of the air pollution and other crap just by going inside of your own house and closing the door? In your residence, the control over the air quality belongs to you. Or, is that even achievable? The truth of the matter is that there are all sorts of pollutants that can infect the air of your home and increase your risk of respiratory problems and asthma. This is to some extent because our houses are now more air tight than ever–our windows and walls are sealed in order to keep the heating and cooling costs low. Of course, because of these saving we are now making the air in our houses harder to breathe. Here are some of the things that can be done to keep your home’s air as healthy as you possibly can.

Take your shoes off outside, if possible. If not, kick them off in the front entrance to your house. As you wander around outside-even in locations like malls and hospitals, your footwear grabs things. The underside of your shoes are covered in mold microorganisms, a range of chemicals, dust, dirt and even bacteria. When you bring these kinds of items into the house, it gets into your floors and carpets. Then you kick it up once again if you walk back over it. Instead of staying in the flooring it goes back up into the air flow and you increase your possibilities of breathing it in. When you leave your sneakers outside the house or inside your home’s entry way, this risk gets lowered by a lot.

Don’t grab your dry cleaning straightaway. Permit the cleaner to hold it for a day or two. Dry cleaned clothing is dredged in chemical compounds that are horrible for you. The toxins, according to the EPA, have been linked to brain challenges and cancer. You must ensure that the clothes are totally dry before you take them home. If your clothing isn’t completely dry, you risk inhaling those same chemicals and, perhaps, getting them on your skin. It’s also wise to work with a dry cleaner that uses the newer, non-toxic and environmentally friendly dry cleaning techniques.

Ventilate your property! We are aware that you mounted those new windows because you wanted better control over your home’s temperature. All the same, keeping the windows shut 24/7 means that you keep breathing all of the things that you kick up during the day. Every day. Day after day. The dust mites that get kicked up whenever you dust and vacuum can’t escape. The fumes and smoke if you prepare food gets contained and you also breathe it in. Your shower’s steam can seep straight into your walls which can cause mold to form which you then breathe in and get sick from. Switch on the fans. Your microsoft windows need to be open. Give all of the dust and other things an opportunity to get outside.

There are lots of ways to help your house be more healthy. Don’t forget: coming home doesn’t mean that you physically shut out the world’s problems (literally). Take steps to make sure that your house seriously is pollution free.

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